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March 24th, 2015, 10:49 am

A realization regarding chapter 8

So, I've gotten all of Chapter 8 sketched and its 30 pages. Making it the largest chapter by far, and I fear chapters will only get larger as the comic draws to its close.

Here's the problem I'd frightfully realized late at night in bed staring at the ceiling-
Linearting a page a day, 4 pages a week means in a month I will only be able to get 20 pages lined. Then, ohohohohoho, THEN, there's coloring. Which is so very very time consuming. (Generally speaking between 4-6 hours depending on a page) That will take just as much time. point is.

I won't be done with this chapter until sayyyy May, if I work on it like a full time job. (I am apt to do that though)

It's funny though because I never really look at the grand scale of how much time is acceptable to spend on a comic. Maybe it's this slow for many. Maybe it's not.

I'm not trying to complain, I love making comics, now more than I ever have. Nor am I trying to ask for an excuse to dip the quality of my comic. (It's been in full color since its inception in 2010 because I am crazy and I like to challenge myself)
It's just that this sort of thing takes up a lot of my life, and if I didn't do this for all the right reasons, then I'dve given up long ago. (And I didn't always feel this way! There'd been times I debated if giving up on this comic would be smarter.)

Pokemon Beta is really a test, a larger test for me than I'll ever realize. And by the gods, if I finish it, I'll feel rather accomplished. Even if its a Pokemon comic. Its value is showing my commitment to my own craft, my improvement in drawing, comicking, story-telling...

It is my truest of hopes that by the end of this comic I'll surely ready to tackle real professional projects, (though to be honest the fact I'm only half-done I'm still looking to do that sort of work) and while I'l likely never shove it in a portfolio, I'dve gotten loads of experience out of it. (As well as kind fans who may continue to follow my pursuits-thank you all! It makes it worthwhile)

Thanks for reading this! haha, I know news posts are apt to not get any attention.


Axies, March 24th, 2015, 4:06 pm

I only found this comic about a year ago yet it's been great all the way. It's really cool how you've managed to stick with something for so many years and still feel so determined to continue. Good luck and I hope you can continue the great work!

Mujaffa, March 24th, 2015, 5:12 pm

so i'm guessing "apt" is the word of the day gonna have to google that.
i've been saying you're crazy a while now. and yeah you're deffenetly stark raving mad, i mean no question there. but you're also cocky. you dont just make crazy decitions you go trough with them!

Miyto (Guest), April 18th, 2015, 2:10 pm

So... How far along in Chapter 8 is your buffering at?
Thinking along monthly manga timeframes 20 pages in a month at higher than a normal chapter's graphic complexity, is impressive. I think they have separate people for the inking and cleaning phases, so you're doing closer to 3x the page count for not having assistants!
So again, how far along in Chapter 8 is the buffer at?

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